Products alone don’t solve problems. That’s why we take an integrated, total solution approach to help our customers overcome business challenges.

Data Center Infrastructure

We can architect the right solution to maximize your IT environment.

We live in a virtual world. Shouldn’t your data center?

You need to store massive amounts of data, process it and make it work for you. We take a holistic approach to achieve that trifecta. We evaluate your current infrastructure, pinpoint the problem areas and recommend upgrades to better leverage your server, storage and network capabilities. By virtualizing your data center, we can consolidate your infrastructure. Over time, you will experience an increase in data productivity while watching your hardware-related expenses dramatically drop.


Storage Management

You have massive amounts of data - and are accumulating more. We can help you find a place for it.

Are you constantly running out of storage space, forcing you to purchase costly hardware just to keep up?

We approach storage management proactively. We start by evaluating your existing data and current storage system to project your future needs. Our goal is to do more with less. From structuring databases to compiling unstructured data, we can compress it all down to a manageable size. This frees up space for more storage while shrinking your need for more servers. We can also recommend server upgrades that easily scale up, allowing your data room to grow.



Networking Solutions

Effective networks keep information flowing and allow for a cohesive infrastructure.

Powerful connections build strong networks. Is yours strong enough?

Even with the right storage and servers in place, you need an efficient network that can effectively communicate between the two. We implement networks that power your databases, optimize applications and activate system wide changes faster. With convergence, data and storage can run on the same network, reducing your IT personnel costs. Since implementation happens once, disaster recovery happens faster with minimal disruptions to your business.


Data Protection

Don't allow your data to be vulnerable. Find out how we can save your data from catastrophe.

Disaster can strike at any time. Is your data protected?

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Whether the cause is natural or man made, a loss could be catastrophic. This is especially true when dealing with sensitive information that needs to comply with regulation. Leveraging your resources, we architect a back up plan that keeps your data out of harm’s way. With a solid contingency plan in place, we can quickly recover the data you need to get your businesses back to work.




Software Solutions & Endpoint Management

Our dynamic solution supports the key components of IT service management.

It doesn’t take an army to manage your IT. It takes one well-rounded solution.

From POS systems to mobile and laptop configurations - your business is not stationary. And it can be tough to pinpoint problems in these complex and interconnected spaces. That’s why we leverage powerful IBM technologies to manage the entire breadth of your business. Our solution makes it easier to manage traditional, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments. With systems and endpoint management, you can deploy and monitor updates, ensure security and compliance, and analyze software usage simultaneously.

Through automation, the need for in-house support is diminished, creating a better experience for your end-user. In the areas of automation, monitoring and BigFix – Tivoli Endpoint Management Asset Management and Help Desk provide holistic, complementary solutions based on IBM Tivoli, Netcool®, Maximo®, Rational® and Q1 Labs®. Dynamix offers integrated service management solutions for all industries which are pivotal to providing visualization, control, and automation across businesses including IT. Discover how to transform your assets--traditional IT, physical, and emerging smart assets — into unique business value.



We can protect your business from loss with a comprehensive approach.

Protect your core.

Just like locks and alarm systems keep intruders out of your physical locations, firewalls and anti-malware keep them out of your virtual ones too. Our all-in-one solution provides core protection that shuts out viruses, protecting your data from security breaches. We provide ongoing vulnerability assessments, deliver compliance analytics and manage security configuration. This allows you to spot vulnerabilities and patch up problem areas automatically.



Maintenance Coverage

We offer our customers a way to simplify their maintenance.

Having trouble managing your maintenance? We have you covered.

Ever had a machine go down just to discover it’s not covered by your maintenance contract? Are you confused by what type of maintenance is covered on which machines? What about when your warranties expire? We can assess every aspect of your coverage for your hardware and software. Additionally, we can recommend financially advantageous offerings to put you in the right coverage.